Travel Times

Forget Light Rail. Join the movement for advanced Mid-Speed maglev metro for Auckland!


Wiztrak is a solution for now and for the foreseeable 30 years. It is not hyperloop, it is not a ‘modern’ tram (light rail). It is Wiztrak. A decades old discovery based on time proven magnetic levitation. Superior to conventional high speed rail for many reasons, Wiztrak is cleaner, smoother, lower maintenance, quieter and simply safer due to the rail hugging design and highly automated technology.

Suited to low-speed and high-speed travel, magnetic levitation remains an under utilized technology due to political and corporate misrepresentations from auto manufacturers and conventional rail industry veterans.

Maglev is so far removed from conventional rail technology it has been said to have more in common with aviation. In our opinion it remains the safest, ‘greenest’ and most efficient ground based transit solution on offer today in terms of speed it can offer. Offering point-to-point journey times (intercity), that can compete exceptionally well with airline travel on popular domestic routes.

“Wiztrak will safely transport you even through the heaviest fog, while airports grind to a halt.”

Datasheet shows projected travel times for the Auckland Supercity route from Hibiscus Coast in the north to Pokeno in the south. A total proposed travel time of around 63 minutes.

Whangarei to Auckland CBD in approx 55 minutes

Tauranga to Auckland CBD in approx 76 minutes (via Hamilton & Cambridge)


Projected times between proposed stops