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Mid-Speed and Ultra High-Speed Maglev Rail technology is the answer to modern day traffic woes!

Everyone is ultimately interested in reducing traffic congestion and exposure to harmful emissions. We continually have wide-ranging debates on how we should address this issue. There is no end to crazy ideas. This website aims to enlighten New Zealanders on what is possible for our beautiful country. Whilst we love the independence our cars give us, if we realize the benefits and possibilities of superior public transport we will soon change our minds about the need for continuing our love affair with cars (even EV’s)!

Our aim is to help New Zealand make this possible by reducing the number of cars flowing into, and around the city by providing true Mass Rapid Transit connecting people between our main centers (arguably more efficiently than it would be to drive your own car into the city, or across the city). We believe this is where the solution really lies.

We are not irrational ‘greenies’ suggesting that everyone quit their cars for bicycles. We genuinely care about the environment, along with sustainability. Economical and ecological sustainability are equally important to us. Rather than controlling the people and asserting impractical solutions (which are not solutions), our aim is to enlighten everyone on better options available if we’re interested in improving our lives and the planet. Thereafter we can assist the government in what options we require, instead of blaming the political parties for making wrong choices (when it is 5 or 10 years too late).
We believe that demand for private car ownership will be significantly reduced if the government and our people can understand the benefits of well designed, long distance, high-tech, advanced public transport as a priority. Once this long distance solution is well implemented, the market demand for shorter commutes will increase and simultaneously open up new business opportunities in active mobility, shared mobility, and micro mobility sectors.

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