Our Vision for the Supercity

Medium-Speed elevated metro loop track, linking Aucklanders from Puhinui to Albany.

Help reduce traffic congestion, harmful emissions and reduce the road toll in New Zealand.

Our Vision for the Supercity

Ultra High-Speed Intercity connections linking Auckland with Whangarei & Tauranga.

Express connections to people across the city

Our Vision for the Supercity

Faster, safer, cleaner journeys means better productivity, fewer cars, less pollution, less stress, happier people!

Our Vision for the Supercity

WIZTRAK SUPERLOOP connects Aucklanders from Albany to Puhinui

This is the only realistic and tangible plan that will actually move the needle towards positive reduction of traffic in the city.

Our Vision for the Supercity

We want to help reduce traffic congestion and harmful emissions in cities by high-speed and mid-speed maglev metro links across the city.

Our Vision for the Supercity

Our plan will help Auckland make this possible, give express connections to people across the city, reduce the need for so many cars to continue flowing into the city.

Our Vision for the Supercity

We can make this possible by offering a far superior mobility solution along with low-cost secure parking on the edge of the city.

Our Vision for the Supercity

This is the only realistic and tangible plan that will actually move the needle towards positive reduction of traffic in the city.

Our Vision for the Supercity

Big problems need big solutions! Let’s make a difference to New Zealand, our people and our environment.





Clean. Safe. Fast.

Big problems demand BIG solutions!

We believe that Mid-Speed and Ultra High-Speed Maglev Rail technology is the real (and only) answer to modern day traffic woes!

Looking into the future, we believe Intercity highways should be reserved for trucks, commercial, agriculture, trade, leisure travelers and, of course… those wanting to try out their new EV’s.

We @Wiztrak are proponents for those people who fully appreciate the value of time and safety. Wiztrak Transit Systems is a specialist research, development, and procurement team seeking to revolutionize efficient and safe transit throughout New Zealand. Our team consists of global consultants who believe in a more productive New Zealand.

Given our shockingly high road death toll, and terrible standard of road maintenance, we believe we have literally come to the end of ‘the road’ in that sense.
Long-standing negligence and lack of foresight by transit officials to provide adequate modern day transport infrastructure has resulted in a disillusioned public, and a terrible road toll year after year. Thus prompting the need for this informational website resource. We hope you will find it both inspiring and helpful in understanding what really could be possible for our beautiful land.

We believe a high speed and mid speed rail (maglev) network is the only real answer for New Zealand public transport, and is feasible through from Whangarei to Dunedin within 20 years (starting from now). Sadly, despite current government efforts to the contrary, we will probably lose a further 6000 people to road deaths by then. Yes, SIX THOUSAND PEOPLE!!!

Why be content risking your life to be among the more than 300 people getting killed on our roads EVERY YEAR, whilst only traveling at under 100kmph, when a safe means of travel exists that will allow average speeds of 250 kmph between towns? Safe maximum speeds of 350-400kmph with minimal emissions?

To place some perspective on this proposed infrastructure investment, let’s look at other major infrastructure projects in NZ:

Auckland CRL project (under construction) NZ$4.4 Billion +/3.45km=$1.275B per km

Penlink proposal NZ$830 Million/ 7km (2-lane ‘highway’ likely to be tolled) = $118 Million per km What will be the allowed travel speed??? Who knows. Wiztrak proposes a mid-speed rail alternative from Whangaparaoa-Stillwater-Silverdale, with a likely average speed of 90kmph (top speed 150kmph), combined with cycle & walking track.

Wellington Transmission Gully – NZ$1.25 Billion /27km=$46.3M per km

Skypath Projected cost $33M-67M (2016), $685M (2021) ….NZ$51 Million already spent (wasted) in consultation & design fees (project now abandoned)

Auckland Light Rail ‘Modern Tram’ Proposals NZ$10-16 Billion

Wiztrak Penlink to Puhinui Including Waitamata Harbour metro crossing and underlying cycleway – proposed construction cost NZ$9 Billion (2022)

Wiztrak Superloop proposal: estimated (2021) NZ$26 Billion cost, approx 140km of dual guideway (travelling both directions) which also incorporates a skypath-type walkway & cycle way across the Waitemata harbour, and approximately 35 fully accessible ‘micro’ stations throughout the Supercity from Puhinui to Albany. Emphasis will be on providing a safe, regular, reliable and fast, continual 24/7 (driverless) service across Auckland.

It is easy to understand the value promised by the Wiztrak Superloop concept, by way of distance covered, the corresponding high number of people served by this route, the superior safety of the elevated guideway, and enhanced user experience for metro passengers, road users and pedestrians alike.

A BIG thank-you to the growing number of people who are showing their support for this revolutionary idea! Once implemented, it will transform the way Auckland functions as New Zealand’s largest city.

Ultra-High Speed rail between Whangarei-Auckland-Hamilton-Cambridge & Tauranga

Mid-Speed maglev rail system between Silverdale & Puhinui Station will transform mobility for the entire Auckland region.